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The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life

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The disclosures here strain credibility. Bessie Wallis Warfield, an illegitimate child, was born in 1895 to a prominent Baltimore family. She grew up ferociously ambitious, married bisexual Navy officer Winfield Spencer in 1916, traveled to China where she supposedly acquired skills in erotic arts, took lovers, dealt drugs and spied for Russiaaccording to show-biz biographer Higham (Brando, etc.). After her divorce, she had an affair with Ernest Simpson who became her second husband in 1926, following his own divorce. In due course, she moved on to England and achieved her ultimate goal as ``the woman I love'' who cost the empire a king. We read of the lives of the Windsors, the duchess's alleged spying for the Nazis during World War II and other reprehensible behavior during the marriage that ended with the duke's death in 1972. There are also stories implying sexual deviance on the part of both the Windsors. The author discusses as well the duchess's fabulous jewels, which sold for record prices after she died at age 90 in 1986.

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